Fares / Discounts

Special offers

We have various discounts available, except during peak seasons. There is a fare plan with cars, motorcycles, bicycles and pets. Please let us know the conditions of your trip.

The round-trip discount Silver discount Student discount
20% 20% 20%

The peak seasons

We will inform you the peak season of May as soon as we are decided.

The normal fares without any discount

Fares revised January 1.2017

Division Class Regular fare (peak season rates)
Passenger Tourist 11,200JPY (12,000JPY)
Tourist bed 14,800JPY (15,600JPY)
Tourist bed 4-person occupancy 16,200JPY (18,000JPY)
Standard double-occupancy room 17,600JPY (20,600JPY)
Standard single room 17,800JPY (21,400JPY)
First 19,200JPY (21,000JPY)
Deluxe single 26,400JPY (29,200JPY)
Deluxe 27,000JPY (29,800JPY)